Now, why would you wear a huge logo on your t-shirt? How much did they pay you for that? I have always struggled with branded v unbranded and tried to err on the side of unbranded.

There are brands that get it right, who never really need to scream their designer’s or company’s name out loud on product. The Nike’s you wear – white on white are a good example. ‘Fear of God’ is an uber lux brand that doesn’t shove their name down your throat, but John Mayer wearing their clothes does that so subtly and well. Louis Vuitton have done this wrong in my opinion for ever. Apple have more or less got his right particularly after Jobs switched the logo to the monochrome apple shape from that hideous multicolor striped one. Marlboro are forced into this and do so well with their ‘roofs’ – Red, Gold, Light etc.

There’s a blue that says Tiffany’s. No logo required.

I’ve noticed that rappers and basketball players (there’s a race drift here, but let’s just gulp that down) get this wrong and go for VERY LARGE. Like, how much does Balenciaga pay every single 22 year old from Compton? And Off White? Would have been so cool if they were literally off white rather than so black on so white.

For now, large is loud. And loud is noise.