Top jobs in Digital and Social Media at agencies and Brands

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The number of job titles and descriptions at agencies that deliver digital marketing solutions is an ever increasing list. What are the roles involved and where do they fit in in the digital product cycle? Every day in this connected age of marketing, we see new points of engagement come to the foreground, and naturally new positions are created, or current roles are customized to address the new areas of focus.

Here’s a starting-point list of the most common job titles and roles at advertising, media, social media and specialized digital services agencies…


Channel Neutral Planners, Brand Managers, Strategic Planners (non digital specific), Integration Director/Manager, Integrated Content Manager/Coordinator, Brand Strategist, Brand Identity Developer, Sonic Brand Specialist

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategists – define the role of the brand in digital specific channels Audience & Insight: Insight specialist, data analysts, Analytics Managers, Content Strategy Managers/Directors, Engagement Strategy Managers, Campaign & Eco-system Planners, Social Voice Strategy Managers, Behavior Analysts, Trends Analyst,
Performance Marketing Director/Manager/Specialist, Usability Engineer/Strategist, CRO Specialist (Conversion Rate Optimization),
CRO Director, CRO Analyst, CRO Data Specialist, Data Planner, Affiliate Marketing Manager/Specialist,

Digital Creative

Creative Technologist, Digital Creative Director, Digital Art Director, Digital Production Artist, Graphic Designer, Digital Identity Development, Art Director, Video Director, Videographer, Video Editor, Video Producer, Digital Content Director, Content Creation Manager, Copywriter, Content Editor, SEO-relevant writer, SEO specialist, UI/UX Designers, UI/UX analyst, Digital Programmatic Creative Specialist/Manager/Director, Pre flight manager, Traffic Manager, Project Manager

Social Media

Social Media Director, Social Media Manager, Social Media Account Handler/AssociateSocial Media Strategists (Director/Manager), Social Media Planners, Social Calendar Developer, Community Manager, Social Media Data Analyst, Social Media Monitoring Manager/Director, Social Media Distribution Manager, Social Content Publisher, Social Specific Content Manager, Social Content Art Director, Paid Social Manager, Paid Social Planner

Customer Experience

Web & Mobile Experience Architect, Website Designer, Website Developer, Mobile Apps Strategist, Mobile App Designer, Customer Engagement Analyst, UI/UX specialist,  CMS specialist, Programmers, Specialist Programmers, Mobile Code specialists, Applications Designers, Loyalty Specialist Designers, CRM designers, Website Pre-flight Analyst, QA&QC Manager, Experience Strategy Director, Digital Activation Manager/Director, e-Commerce Director, e-Commerce Strategy Director, e-Commerce interface Designer, e-Commerce Creative Director/Art Director, e-Commerce Content Analyst, e-Commerce Code specialist, e-Commerce Product Analyst, e-Commerce Content Coordinator, eMail Marketing Specialist/Manager/Creative Director, eMail Marketing Analyst


Innovation Leads, Digital Product & Service Development Manager/Director, Innovation Lab Director, Innovation strategy Director, IOT Specialist, IOT interface designer, Wearables Strategist, Wearables interface designer


Digital Media Director, Digital Media Strategy Director/Manager, Digital Media Engagement Director, Digital Media Data Analyst, Digital Media Associates, Media Planners, Digital Media Buying Manager/Director, Digital Media Buyer, Digital Media Dashboard Manager, Programmatic Director/Manager, Digital Media Content Analyst, Digital Media Pre Flight Manager/Associate, Digital Media Distribution Manager, Media Creative Director, Media Art Director, Media Engagement Manager/DirectorMedia Content Manager, Media Content WriterRTB Director/Manager, RTB Specialist (Real Time Bidding)Paid Social Planner, Paid Social Buyer

Search & Performance Marketing

SEO Analyst, SEO Specialist, SEO Consultant, SEO writer, SEO Coordinator, SEO tag specialist, SEO specialized Web Designer/DeveloperSEM planner, SEM strategy director, SEM Buying specialist/Manager/Director, PPC Director, PPC Analyst, Keywords Analyst, Trends Analyst,  Growth Specialist, SEO Editor, Bidding Director, Demand Generation specialist,
Performance Manager, Performance Specialist,

Account Management/ Client Interface / Agency Management

CEO – Digital, Digital Managing Director, Digital Group Director, Digital Account Manager, Client Services Director/Manager/Associate, Digital Services General ManagerSocial Media Director/Manager/Associate, CRM Manager, Experience Director,

I haven’t even mentioned niche job titles like “Instagram Content Strategist” or “Digital Culture Analyst” – those jobs are either super niche and fall into the “invented here” bracket, or are just ways of luring brands through the front door.

If you’re a brand looking for an agency and have really specific needs, you need to figure out if they are equipped to handle what you want, or are they just going to get someone within their staff to just try and “talk the walk”. The roles above cover a wide spectrum – some are highly specialized roles needing unique skill sets – the others simply evolve from current roles and job descriptions. Either way, that’s how agencies and brands today are defining and rising to the needs of digital marketing.