Super Personlization in our digital experiences

Personalization is going to be big in 2014 – but in ways more than we can imagine, or control. It’s not really about how we personalize our own experiences with control in our hands – it is more about how the already ‘personalized’ seeks us out and bespokes the experience for us. Its about hyper targeted experiences.
 Today, with advances in technology – products, brands, experiences, shopping sites, social media posts are able to configure what we like and want and deliver them to us – often without even being asked.
This is a interweb culture change for the year – and we will see lots more of this. We are constantly seeking experiences online that we can wholeheartedly relate to and make our own – but guess what, they are already there and seeking us out. 2014 will be the year of the algorithim. This will be about how today’s brands doing business online – and not just ecommerce – will find us in ready states because they know and can deliver on what we seek, what we find.

from: a blogpost by Tom Roy