Ping Pong. Dim Sum at the Dubai Mall.

Dim sum is one of our family favorites, and with Dubai having just a handful of good dim sum places, Ping Pong is sometimes a Friday lunch destination. If you get in early on Friday, it is not crowded, and the service is not annoyingly slow as it sometimes gets. We’ve never ordered the packaged combo meals, choosing to order some of our favorites a la carte off the menu.

Ping Pong is good at dim sum. The baskets come with three portions in each which work perfectly for us, we are a family of three. Some of our favorites include the chicken shu mai (siu mai anywhere else in the world), the spicy vegetable dumpling, the steamed pak choi shanghai (leaves, not the dumpling), vietnamese spring roll, crispy prawn ball, and the honey roasted chicken puff. We invariably order around 15-20 odd separates, and we come out pretty full.

The steamed dim sum is better than the fried ones, which can get less savory when cold. Sometimes, you just sit there waiting for the next array of your order to arrive, and some of the dishes are over priced for what they are but overall, it’s quite an alright place if you are in the mood for dim sum.