Pergolas Friday Brunch at Al Murooj Rotana

While we have eaten at Pergolas on many occasions, this is really a review of the Friday Brunch. On normal weekday through the day its a typical hotel restaurant – the one for all that just has to be there. They do typical sandwiches, burgers, steaks, salmon etc. On Friday afternoons, Pergolas at the Murooj Rotana absolutely comes alive!

We have a Rotana card, which means as a family, we got a 3-for-2 kind of a deal. Normally, it’s 225AED odd per person and I think basic house beverages are included. We opted for the non-beverage option, as I didn’t want to fill up on mug after mug of barley when there was so much else. You will see groups and couples enjoying the beverages though. And quite so. But it’s the food that’s so good. At that price, it is probably one of the best brunches in town.

You really have a wide selection of multi-cuisine options that ends with a large dessert corner that really should be outlawed by the waist-police. The desserts are really good, and one gets tempted to over do them. But, again, its the food, so lets talk food.

We normally start with sushi. There’s a good layout of sushi and sashimi, and while because its a buffet it looks factory sushi, they’re actually creative and good. The sashimi is off the boat fresh and sliced expertly by the sushi station attendants. You can then wander around and do anything. There’s a large salad bar, a really well thought of continental section. Of course, there is a Lebanese/Arabic section, with warm breads and delicious hummous and moutabel (eggplant), there’s chinese and there’s Indian food. The Indian kebabs and curries are absolutely top notch, and for being a buffet doing global, the Indian (North Indian) is actually outstanding.

At the center of it all is the live cooking station – where the chefs will drum up whatever you want to your heart’s desire and your tummy’s delight. There’s a carvery that does roasts that are just right, and on our last visit, the lamb was just melt-in-your-mouth amazing. If you’ve had a rough long Thursday night out, ask for a chili stuffed omlette and it does the trick. The chefs will really do instant good food made to order. Compared to many other Friday brunches in town, the live station is what really makes the Pergolas a foodie event, rather than a mere Friday somewhere to catch up on some crumbs.

Almost forgot, and its timely as winter (well if you want to call Fall weather winter) is headed Dubai way, there’s a BBQ option as well. So if you’d like something done on the grill, they’ll do it well. The BBQs are quick, the marinades are well thought off, but you can ask for dry rubs as well. The end result on your plate is very good.

I’ve mentioned desserts. They’re sinfully good. The beverages are house. Meaning, what comes in glasses (not mugs) is OK. No real good wine-list stuff that, but why would you expect top grape at a Friday brunch? Specially if you’ve gone there for good Friday noon food and not a hair of the dog.