Karam Beirut. Lebanese with a view.

Friday at the Mall of the Emirates is a bit of a war, but if you win it in parking, and shuffle through the crowds, lunch at Karam Beirut, MOE is quite an experience. We had a large platter of salad, Beiruti Hommos (amazing), tabbouleh, grilled Halloumi cheese, lamb liver, Kibbeh, Shish Tawouk (chicken), and Lamb Kebabs. And a mixed grill. And some other bits.

The food was absolutely on top end of the scale, and the overall experience was good as well. The food came quickly, it all looked good and appetising (the Lebanese always know how to make food look good), the service was pleasant. The staff are not huge on English, which is not surprising at all, considering that when we looked around, it was like being in Beirut. It was wall-to-wall Beirutis out on a Dubai Friday.

The Beiruti hommos was just a great creamy chick pea experience done right, as was the complimentary garlic mayo that came with the food. The salad plater was an absolute work of art – and with the focus today on macronutrients and salads, you know right away, with that massive salad platter of fresh, succulent vegetables you are on a good, green planet. The tabbouleh was so good, and I had so much of it, that I barely had room to eat the mains…

The meats and cheese (grilled halloumi) were delicious as well. I am not a huge liver fan but it seemed like a nice dish that had all the good things of liver cooked right. The chicken tawouk was perfect really – soft boneless checken in just the right sauce done right , as were the succulent lamb kebabs – which were soft, tender and just the right way spicy. The kibbeh was melt in your mouth good. The mixed grill had two large pieces of lamb, the usual sheekh sticks and a few chicken pieces – and all of them were good.

Throughout, the water on the table, I think was complimentary. I was a guest, so I don’t have the bill, but if that’s true, that is amazing in Dubai, because water in Dubai is a massive rip-off.

Dessert was a soft cottage cheese (like a neutral palate) topped with honey and this was absolutely gorgeous. Overall, bar the trying hard to explain in English to the mostly arabic staff what you want and how it translates and arrives on the table, this was a satisfying lunch experience. It’s not cheap, it’s not over the top expensive, so it’s just that kind of good Lebanese food you crave (if you are non-Lebanese like me) and it’s there. Except at the Mall of the Emirates on a Friday afternoon, it takes the pleasure out of a good meal. Because it is a zoo.