Seaview. A fresh idea on fish in Dubai.

Seaview is a fresh new seafood restaurant in a wonderful waterfront setting in Umm Suqeim. It’s easily found and accessible, the fish is fresh, and it’s overall a rather enjoyable experience – specially on a lazy Friday afternoon. It does get crowded quickly, so do reserve a table ahead.

We had the Fish Achari Tikka (succulent fresh fish done in a Indian pickle style) and the crumbed Calamari as starters. Both were excellent. For mains, we had the Seaview Prawns and the Peri Peri Sheri. The Seaview Prawns seem a house speciality, and it is quite good – decent sized prawns done in a fusion sauce (mostly Indian, we thought), and it is a spicy, saucy punch of really good seafood. Worked rather well with the Malay origined Roti Canai (pronounced chanai).

The freshly caught, straight-off-the-net sheri was delightful, but we thought the peri peri sauce tasted straight off the bottle (Nando’s, ?). In hindsight, that fish done in a dry herbed BBQ would have been more like the real thing. Not that the peri peri took away from the freshness, just that it didn’t seem like real peri peri done right. But the fish? A large sheri that was just melt in the mouth experience, and it was quite easy to get off the bones. Recommend.

In our comment card, we wrote about the peri peri sauce and the roti canai (which tasted somewhat off the shelf, specially if you’ve tasted the kind you get in large supermarkets in Singapore or KL). We recived a very nice email from the manager assuring us that the authentic roti canai was indeed prepared by their specialist Malay chef back in the kitchen. And they would look into our little comment on the peri peri. That was great after-sales (after-meal) and it was just great to see that someone actually read and replied to comment cards in Dubai. Fresh. Like the fish.

The average table seemed to have to wait around 20 minutes for the starters and mains to appear. You might want to wander around the waterfront, check out the fishing boats and the quay while they’re cooking up your order.

Another tip: If you’re lucky to have a table outside, make sure you go for the food as soon as it arrives. Great fish gone cold is like bad revenge. They do have other then seafood on the menu, by the way, but if you’re going right up to smell the ocean as you dine, why ‘chicken’ out? Go for the fresh. Go for the fish.

Again, the fish is top notch fresh. The prices are reasonable, the service is eager and good. Oh, yes, we heart Seaview. And, we’ll be back.