Facebook Paper is not for the Middle East yet. And iPhone, US-use only!

Of course you’ve heard of Facebook Paper. Yes it’s a great new app on the iPhone platform. No, you can’t download it for your Android phones – because there isn’t a version yet (and no immediate plans for one either). And hear, hear friends in the Middle East – or anywhere outside America – it is a US-only app.

So much for Facebook being the world’s biggest social platform. The January launched Facebook Paper is a beta version of sorts created and developed for a test phase. Already the feedback is hugely positive (sites like The Verge, who called it, “The Best Facebook App Ever” and Tech Crunch, who said it, “might just be the Facebook of the future.” ). According to a paper released by UPG MediaLabs, it is intended “to give Facebook users a Facebook Home type interface to marry trending, sharable content with a well-designed social homepage; a one-stop-social-shop, as it were.”

From what we are reading on blogs, the user experience perspective was prime focus for the small Facebook Creative Labs team that developed Paper. The easy to adapt to flip and scroll motions are very similar to what users interface on already-successful apps like Flipboard and The New York Times. The news flows are seamless, and the design is consistently good throughout all phases of use.

But let’s focus on what it is: It is a news app. It is from Facebook. So, you are accepting the premise that news from social is news after all. And news packaging is important. And you have to accept that if you live outside the great big United States – it is not for you. Or if you just bought into a Samsung phone – bad luck. Try BBC.


From Tom Roy’s blogpost on Digital Marketing