All Dubai taxis to offer free wi-fi by end-2014

In a report in The National today, we’re thrilled to read that all Dubai taxis will offer free wi-fi as part of the Dubai Smart City move. Already certain parts of Dubai have free wi-fi as in Downtown Dubai.

This is really putting Dubai on the smart map of the world. A city that’s aiming to wow the world with Expo2020 is certainly making the right moves towards total connectivity for all. Having free wi wi-fi in public transportation is a key step towards enabling all Dubai  residents to stay connected. Amongst other connected devices will be traffic lights that could speak to each other and ease traffic jams.

The report says “People will be able to connect their smartphones, tablets or laptops and surf the internet as soon as they enter the taxi, said a Road and Transport Authority (RTA) official. The service is already available in 155 Hala Taxis across the city.”

“It comes off the back of new initiatives recently launched, among them Wi-Fi services on intercity buses and internet connected bus shelters to help to achieve the government’s plans to become a fully fledged smart city in time for Dubai Expo 2020, where the aim is to connect the city’s infrastructure to the internet and make it more accessible to its citizens via smartphones and other smart devices.”
Last year, more than 440 million passengers used public transport in Dubai, which includes buses, water taxis and the metro, up from 367 million in 2012. Every day, more than 1.3 million people use public transport in the city.