American Chinese any one? PF Chang’s in Dubai.

When it first opened, we really loved PF Chang’s at the Dubai Mall. The service was really good, the food was interesting (because ‘American style’ chinese is rather different from your run of the mill chinese places in Dubai), the menu was varied. Today, it has lost some of the new-to-market advantages ,but it’s still pretty good.

Service can be slow sometimes these days, and some of the food has lost its edge. The Dynamite Shrimp (looks like a good sized shrimp cocktail) is a favorite all round, and it is a very popular dish. And it is good. Do try the sichuan asparagus and spicy green beans – they are just some of the best chinese starters anywhere. The main dishes are nothing above the ordinary, but the kung pao chicken and the almond cashew chicken are still quite good. Mains come with a choice of rice – and we love the sticky brown rice every time. Their menu is decently balanced, so you have a fair choice, their greens are fresh, and their chicken and seafood dishes are fair. What you just cannot pass is the cake. That chocolate cake is amazing (and a huge portion).